An Example of our students learning real-world skills

Check out this great video created by Austin, a  13-year-old student of The Learnatory (called GenTech in Chicago)! With absolutely no prior knowledge, he was taught and applied in these real-world 3-D animation skills in 10 days compared to what a college student typically learns in 2 years.   

The Senior Artistic Director at EA Sports, who visited our program, actually offered Austin a job - as soon as he turned 16!

What A Parent Says

Thank You!


I am so pleased with The Learnatory and its summer camp!  I like that it offers a wide spectrum of kids, too.  I am so happy with the environment.  It's priceless!  Thank you for the program.   Angels were shining on me the day I found this camp.                                               

                                            Isaiah's Mom

What A Student Says

It's Cool!

The Learnatory is pretty cool. If I get up to go to something at 7 am on a Saturday morning, it must be pretty cool!   I’m learning to do things kids my age can’t do like make video games and animations.  I am going to start making Apps for the iPhone soon! I think this is a really good program – and it is fun. No stress.

                           Gabrielle   16 years old

Another Pleased Parent

Gives My Child An Edge

I am glad that I discovered The Learnatory STEAM Program. I believe that my child has an edge and an advantage that has shifted, if not broadened, his educational path. As a parent, The Learnatory has made me a believer!

I am glad that I have found the right educational fit and I look forward to where it takes my son. This is my child’s pre-college experience. I am so smiling. Why? I see the possibilities into his future. Thank you, Learnatory.

                            Loriann, Daniel's Mom