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School Programs

 In-School & Extended-Day Programs

A wide range of project-oriented classes integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) are offered in-school as part of the regular curriculum, and in an -School format for grades 2nd -8th. 

The Learnatory will develop a customized STEAM Program designed to meet your specific needs, interests, and levels.   All courses are aligned with Common Core Standards

Contact: Debra E. Thompson,,   347-787-0435

Home School Programs

A wide range of project-oriented classes integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) customized to address the academic needs and interests of Home-Schooled children in 2nd - 8th.​​​

The Learnatory offers a discounted tuition for school districts and home-school groups that sign up five or more students for courses with the same start date. 

Contact: Debra E. Thompson,,    347-787-0435


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EDUCATORS: Real-World Learning Starts With You

 The Learnatory is a leader in the field of STEAM education, helping schools and families identify and nurture interests and talent in young people since 1978.  Collaborate with us to benefit your faculty and provide your students with the best possible programming and services in the interdisciplinary worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). 

Collaborating with The Learnatory can help your school and district staff:  

  • Identify the skills, interests, talents, and abilities of students in STEAM
  • Monitor their achievement and growth
  • Provide exceptional programming to develop their skills, interests, talents, and abilities fully.

The Learnatory School Services team members are available to work with you to develop a package that meets your school or district's needs:  

  • STEAM program development and/or delivery
  • STEAM Program Evaluation
  • Professional development
  • Programming for students and parents
  • Policy development
  • Assessment and growth monitoring
  • Personalized Pathways to college

Our curricula offer:

Differentiated grade bands. We offer differentiated, age-appropriate curriculum separated into lower elementary (grades 2 - 4), middle school (grades 5 - 8), and high school (grades 9-10). Bands vary by content.

Structured tier levels.   We offer structured tier-leveled courses differentiated by the level of difficulty of the materials.:  Emerald Tier: Enrichment courses; Ruby Tier:  Advanced Enrichment courses; Sapphire Tier:   Accelerated Enrichment courses

A course in a box! All the lesson planning is done for you. Each lesson features detailed preparation, step-by-step instructions, teaching tips, and all the slides and handouts. Special components such as Pre- and Post Test are also included.

Flexible implementation. Our curriculum features flexible lessons with activities that can be taught sequentially or plugged into existing coursework, after-school programs, or camps. Class lengths can be modified from 90 to 55 minutes.

Cross-curricular connections. STEAM is an interdisciplinary field and demands a varied skill set. Lessons bring to life STEAM, maker, and design thinking concepts under the umbrella of entrepreneurship. Content is specially designed to be diverse and all-inclusive, especially for girls and people of color!

21st-century skills made accessible. Critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, communication and collaboration are explicitly taught. Guided reflections after each activity deepen understanding.

Curriculum designed with the world in mind. Lessons emphasize real-world cultural connections and problem-solving for a cause. Whenever possible, we use real-life examples from communities and the latest news around the world. 


Choose how you’d like to use The Learnatory to get started.

Whether for In-school courses, an extended-school program, weekends, summers or Special Events, we are happy to discuss your interests and needs.