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Below you will be able to download an Information Packet summarizing the website and the Admissions Packet with the required forms for attending The Learnatory.

To register complete and submit the  ADMISSIONS APPLICATION AND CLASS/CAMP SELECTION FORMS. You may complete them as Word documents where you can type in your responses or as a pdf where you can print it out and complete by hand.  All documents, however, require original signatures.  Send them to

 Upon receipt of your Registration Form, you will receive a Confirmation and an Invoice payable upon receipt. 

You may submit  Health and Pick-Up forms now or after your admission.  ALL FORMS MUST BE RETURNED AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE START OF THE PROGRAM TO

If you have questions, please contact us at  Or, call 347-787-0435.

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The Learnatory offers over 60 classes in STEAM and Test Prep for students in grades 2nd thru 10th.  

Review the list of courses, read the descriptions, and keep in mind your child's level of eligibility.  

We want all children to be successful and feel accomplished helping them build confidence and strong skill sets.

Registration and payments will be completed online.

Download these Information & Admissions Packets

            The Class Schedule can be found in the Information Packet.    

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