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Supply Fees

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Session 1       June 29 - July 10, 2020               Take Home Tablet                                                   $205  

Session 2       July 13 -  July 24, 2020                Oculous Go VR Glasses & Chemistry Supplies   $175

                                                                               Grades 2 - 3 Chemistry Supplies Only                $  75

Session 3       July 27 - August 7, 2020             Take Home Robot                                                   $205

Session 4       August 10 - August 21, 2020     Microbiology Supplies                                            $175

Days               Monday thru Friday   

Time               8:00 am - 6:00 pm                       NO EXTENDED DAY FEE!

Registration Fee (as of January 1, 2020)      $  75

Personalized Tutoring Without Camp         $125 per week Mon - Fri  2 wk min.

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Payment Policies

Supply Fees

Refund Policy

Supply Fees

STEAM Summer Camp Supply  Fees are as follows for each 2-Week Session:

Session I     June 29 - July 10, 2020          Supply Fee:  $205                            

Take-Home Tablet                         

(No Supply Fee for previous students if bring back tablets from previous class for the deeper Coding component.)

Session 2  July 13 - 24, 2020

Oculous Go VR Glasses & Chemistry supplies       $175                     

Session 3  July 27 - Aug 7, 2020 

Supply Fee:   $205

(All students must purchase robots to build and code, including previous students.)                    


Session 4  Aug 10 - Aug 21, 2020  

 Microbiology Supplies     e:    $175                                              


Refund Policy

Supply Fees

There is a one-time 5% Multiple Child Discount after the first child.

Refer-A-Friend Discount  5% for your friends AND YOU!

Discounts may not be combined.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Payment Plans

Because of the costs associated with program preparation and our at-cost, not-for-profit operational expenses, please be advised that no refunds are granted for deposits, registration fees, testing fees, nor tuition for camps or classes.  

Summer Refund Exceptions apply.  See our complete Policies & Procedures document below..

After March 31, 2020, there are no refunds.

Registration and Testing fees are non-refundable.

All requests for refunds must be  in writing and submitted to  Requests are processed according to the received date. There are no exceptions.

Payment Plans

Other Sources of Support

Payment Plans

Up to -month payment plans are available for STEAM Summer Camp.  To apply, families must indicate the Payment Plan option on the Registration Form. 

The fee for using the payment plan is $60. 

A payment plan option is available to all families. The payment plan application is available and can be selected on the Registration Form.

 Payment Options are:

A. Pay in full. 

B.  Up to six (6) Payments Plan.  Payments made monthly.  Balance payable 30 days before your Session begins.

$60 processing fee.

All online payments incur a 3.95% third-party service fee. 

Checks acceptable up to May 1, 2020 with no service fee.

Authorization Forms for Automatic Debits are required for all payment plans.

School-year payment plans are  a deposit plus One (1) or Two (2) installments.

Other Sources of Support

Other Sources of Support

Other Sources of Support


We strongly suggest that families with financial need also seek outside support. Accepted students should start soliciting additional funds right away for the upcoming summer camp. 

Local religious or community organizations, businesses, local government offices, friends, and relatives are all potential sources of support. In addition, local schools, government and private agencies often provide summer scholarships for students needing financial assistance.

Vouchers are accepted but paperwork must be completed and approved prior May 1, 2020.


Other Sources of Support

Other Sources of Support

Prospective students must have a GPA of at least 1.50 to attend The Learnatory STEAM Enrichment Weekend Program.

Prospective Campers must have a GPA of 2.0 to be admitted to The Learnatory STEAM Summer Camp.  

The Learnatory does not accept students with a record of behavioral or disciplinary problems.

Policies & Procedures

The Learnatory is a non-for-profit, 501c3, educational organization providing learning centers and conducting educational research.  The Learnatory consists of equal opportunity, affirmative action educators and administrators. The Learnatory reserves the right to change without notice any statement on its website concerning, but not limited to, rules, policies, tuition, fees, curricula, courses, and faculty.  

The information on this web page is not comprehensive; rather it provides an overview of several fundamental Learnatory policies. More policies, including program-specific policies and procedures, and additional detail about the following policies, may be available upon request.

REFUNDS & WITHDRAWALS  Because of the costs associated with program preparation and our at-cost, not-for-profit operational expenses, please be advised that no refunds are granted for deposits, registration fees, testing fees, nor tuition for camps or classes. No refunds will be issued for early withdrawal, cancellations, absences, behavioral dismissals, power failures or other acts of nature. Fees for students dropping out of Saturday classes or leaving Camp early are not prorated. There will be an administrative charge of $65 for any camp reservation changes made less than 30 days prior to the start of the camp or for any class schedule change less than 14 days prior to the start of class, and a charge of $25 for payments not received by the due date. Tuitions may not be transferred to another student. However, tuition credits are gladly applied to the same or similar class(es) or camps of equal value within one year of the date from credit is given.


The extended registration period for Summer Camp allows us to make the following refund exceptions:

100% tuition and supply fee refund if canceling BEFORE January 1, 2020.  There is a $75 cancellation fee.

75% tuition and supply fee refund if canceling BEFORE February 1, 2020.  There is a $75 cancellation fee.

50% tuition refund and no supply fee refund if canceling BEFORE March 1, 2020.  There is a $75 cancellation fee.

25% tuition refund and no supply fee refund if canceling BEFORE April 1, 2020.  There is a $75 cancellation fee.

After March 31, 2020, there are no refunds.

Registration and Testing fees are non-refundable.

All requests for refunds must be  in writing and submitted to  Requests are processed according to the date received. There are no exceptions.

The Learnatory reserves the right to re-schedule classes and/or adjust course content based upon enrollment, appropriateness for the age-level or maturity level of the students to adequately perform class activities or tasks. If The Learnatory cancels a class (excluding classes in the  full day summer camp program schedule) and does not replace it, a refund will be issued. Revised April 15, 2019; November 2, 2019  

NUT-FREE ENVIRONMENT  The Learnatory is a peanut and tree nut-free PROGRAM. To make the environment as safe as possible, please do not send your child to The Learnatory with nuts of any kind. This is to help our fellow students remain healthy and safe while with us. 

Please note, however, that we are on a college campus or other share space and do not have control over what other people may bring to the setting. 

THE LEARNATORY COMMUNITY  Students associated with The Learnatory are held to all responsibilities of members of The Learnatory community. The Learnatory Honor Code sets the tone and outlines expectations for all members of The Learnatory community.  Learnatory students, staff and administrators pledge to abide by the Honor Code in both letter and spirit.  

STUDENT BEHAVIOR   Students are expected to behavior is a socially acceptable manner according to The Learnatory Honor Code. Each student incident will be handled on an individual basis.  Students are expected to behave properly at all time and follow the directions of the instructors and Learnatory staff.  There is no tolerance for fighting, abusive language, harassment, disrespect toward faculty or staff, or other negative behavior.  On the first occasion of any such behavior, the teacher will speak with the student and try to address any issues.  On the second occasion, the parent is notified.  The expectation is the parent will modify the child’s behavior and it will be noticed at the next class or on the next day.  If negative behavior continues, on the third occasion, the student is dismissed from the class or camp.  

HOWEVER, there are some behaviors that will warrant immediate dismissal – WITHOUT QUESTION OR HESITATION - at the sole discretion of the Executive Director: 

· Possession of and/or using tobacco, alcohol, drugs, firecrackers, firearms, or explosives

· Violence of any kind at any level.

· Bringing a weapon of any kind to class or camp

· Visibly hurting another child or staff member   

There are no exceptions to the policies listed above.

STUDENT HONOR CODE   In order to create a safe and successful learning community, I commit to

· Act with personal and academic integrity;

· Participate fully in program activities and complete my own work to the best of my ability;

· Treat all individuals—staff, students, and community members—with respect, including those of different races, cultures, religions, national origins, genders, gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, ages, and abilities;

· Treat all facilities and property with respect and care;

· Observe all program rules and respect the authority of staff members.

I understand that my actions will shape our community, and that my membership in the community depends on my honoring this code.


COMMENTS  Our goal is to provide the best educational and entertainment experiences possible for our students.  That can only happen with input, comments, and suggestions from our students, parents, faculty, and staff.   

Should you have any ideas, complaints, compliments, or comments, please share them with us so that we can continue to make The Learnatory the premiere Education Enrichment Program!  You may call 347-787-0435 at any time, or email us at


· A parent or authorized adult must accompany each youth or teen student to and from each The Learnatory.

· Each student must be signed in and out by a parent or guardian daily.

· Each parent must provide a list of authorized persons allowed to pick up the student from The Learnatory.

· Under no circumstances may a student leave The Learnatory without an authorized adult, or a signed “Permission to Release” form on file.

· A “Permission to Release” statement must be signed by any parent wishing to have their child dismissed without the presence of an authorized adult.  A copy must be left with The Learnatory and the student must have a copy of the release to present to the instructor upon leaving the classroom.

· All parents and students must Sign-In and Sign-Out their child(ren) of The Learnatory Summer Camp

· Parents should look for any notes, letters, or messages addressed to them as well as any Announcements at the Sign-In/Out Table.

· Each parent is responsible for providing current Emergency Contact Information for their child.

MONETARY HANDLING   No staff from The Learnatory may accept monies of any kind from any parent nor student except for the Executive Director and Specifically Designated Personnel.  Most transactions are  done online.  

Financial transactions made directly with any Learnatory personnel except the Executive Director or Specifically Designated Personnel is done at the parent's own risk.  

COURSE EXPECTATIONS   It is expected that personnel be present  as scheduled.  Staff is expected to be at their designated locations at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their assignment.  Film Production students may have meeting times in addition to regular class times – and are expected to attend.  Students are expected to come prepared to discuss activities, experiences, and interact with the class.  

If a student is encountering any difficulty during the course, please notify the Executive or Assistant Director immediately to arrange to discuss the matter.  

CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT   All projects created in The Learnatory classes become property of the student.  The Learnatory will work closely with students to protect their rights to projects they have created.  If there is interest in further developing or marketing a project created at The Learnatory after the class has ended, please contact the The Learnatory Executive Director at 347-787-0435.  

COURSE CONTENT AND CLASS SCHEDULING   Course content and schedule of lessons are subject to change at the discretion of the Instructor or Executive Director to make classes more beneficial to the students.  The Learnatory reserves the right to re-schedule or cancel classes.  The Learnatory upgrades its classes often to keep up with constantly changing technology.   

USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS   The Learnatory respectfully requests permission to use photographs of personnel and students in our classes.  These photos are used without actual names, for promotional purposes only.  Photos may appear in print or electronically.  If you do NOT grant permission for your photo to be used, please sign where indicated on the Agreement Sheet at the end of this document.

CHILD/SEXUAL ABUSE MANDATED REPORTING  All Learnatory personnel are considered Mandatory Reporters.  Please see the Child/Sexual Abuse and Molestation Policy for detailed information.   

ANTI-DRUG/ALCOHOL USE POLICY   The Learnatory follows a firm anti-drug use policy.  Any personnel suspected of being on drugs or under the influence of alcohol while at The Learnatory will immediately be removed from the premises until a determination is made.   


EMERGENCY DRILLS   Emergency drills may be planned from time-to-time by The Learnatory or by the facility being used by The Learnatory  to assure orderly movement and  evacuation  of  students  to  the  safest  area  in  the  event  of  an emergency.  The  plan  shall  provide  for  escape  routes  and  alternate  routes  for  all  students  and  teachers.  

Teachers and  students  shall  be  informed  of escape  routes,  according  maps  placed by the facility hosting The Learnatory specifying  the  routes and procedures for evacuating the buildings. 


The Learnatory Policy on Discrimination & Harassment   The Learnatory does not discriminate or permit discrimination by any member of its community.  

ANTI-HARASSMENT POLICY   The Learnatory follows a firm anti-harassment policy.   It is the policy of The Learnatory that no member of The Learnatory community—students, faculty, administrators, staff, vendors, contractors, or third parties—may sexually harass any other member of the community. Sexual harassment is a type of conduct prohibited under The Learnatory's Policy on Sexual Misconduct.  

Youth on Campus   Because Learnatory programs often take place on college campuses, The Learnatory recently adopted a new Minors on Campus Policy. In addition to revising mandatory reporting obligations to align more closely with New York state law requirements, the policy ensure that all faculty and staff engaging with minors in youth programs undergo a background check and complete training. 


The Learnatory Policy on Accommodations for Students and Staff Accessibility Support for Individuals with Disabilities Definition of Individual with a Disability   The Learnatory complies with laws that protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504). The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) does not apply to The Learnatory.  The Learnatory's ability to fully enact these policies is determined by the extent to which the facility on which the program is being held enacts their own policies.

If a student has a documented learning, psychological, or physical disability, students may be eligible for reasonable accommodations or services.  Parents should contact The Learnatory at 347-787-0435 for more information.   

The Learnatory advises parents that our instructors are not trained in the area of special education.  While reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate all students using concepts of individualized instruction, instructors are not expected to provide additional academic assistance or special instruction to students with learning, psychological, or physical disabilities over what would be provided to any student without such disabilities.  All students are expected to perform with a reasonable amount of support provided under normal circumstances.  


The Learnatory assumes the facilities upon which Learnatory programs are held  provides reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities in order to provide students an equal opportunity to participate in its programs.   

The Learnatory Computer, Electronic Resources & Network Policies   It is the policy of Northwestern University to maintain access to local, national, and international networks for the purpose of supporting its fundamental activities of instruction, research, and administration. Users of the network are to take the necessary measures to safeguard the operating integrity of the systems and the accessibility of other users. Read the policies online at  

Uploading & Posting Media   To maintain a positive and safe learning environment for all students, neither students nor staff may download materials nor post materials online, including, but not limited to, comments, statements, pictures, images (likenesses), or videos of or about  Learnatory Programs or participants without obtaining the necessary written permissions from all person concerned. Students and program staff members must not post images (photos or video) of students on public access websites. All photo and video usage must be approved by The Learnatory administration.   

Because Learnatory students are minors, they do not have expressed permission to take or use images of other students.  They are not allowed to post any pictures, video or other content taken at The Learnatory on social media at any times for any reason. To do so is a violation which could result in immediate dismissal. Likewise, program staff members do not have express permission to publish pictures or images of Learnatory students or other program staff members.  These actions are considered a violation of The Learnatory Policies and Procedures and will be taken seriously including prosecution as allowed by law.  

Federal Copyright Compliance (Downloading & Sharing Files)   The Learnatory does not condone unlawful downloading and unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing of copyright-protected works. Individuals who engage in these practices are in violation of University policy and may be subject to University disciplinary action as well as civil and criminal penalties. Misuse of the Internet is punishable by dismissal from Learnatory programs.  

Internet Contact

Instructors and staff are NOT to have ANY Internet contact with any students outside of class unless it is directly related to class projects and only with written permission from the student’s parent AND the Executive Director.  This includes online games and other forms of Internet entertainment.  

Any email communication between a faculty and/or staff member and student, parent, or guardian on the Internet must list the Executive Director as a copied recipient of the same email at  The Learnatory personnel are contracted to not contact any The Learnatory students nor their parents or guardians for a period of two (2) years after the end of their contracted work with The Learnatory.  

Parents or students may NOT contact nor contract The Learnatory instructors, contractors, volunteers, or other personnel regarding any projects, work, tutoring, or other activities to be done outside of The Learnatory.   

For example, parents may not ask The Learnatory instructors or other personnel if they repair computers, tutor outside of class, build websites, teach software outside of The Learnatory, nor conduct nor perform any activities for any Learnatory students or parents, guardians, organizations, affiliations, or any other source or resource without expressed written permission from The Learnatory prior to the contact with The Learnatory personnel.  The same policy holds for all The Learnatory personnel regarding contacting any The Learnatory clients or affiliates.  The Learnatory personnel are under contract and may not have any outside contact with any The Learnatory clients or customers regarding work similar to that taught or created at The Learnatory for two (2) years AFTER the end of their contracted work with The Learnatory.  

The Learnatory’s client-base, customer-base, and personnel-base have been developed at the extensive investment of time, research, and money by The Learnatory developers.  It is requested that those efforts be respected by not subjugating or soliciting our resources to do outside jobs.  We will be happy to assist you with any outside projects, whenever possible.  

Please be advised, The Learnatory monitors and follows this policy extremely closely and does and will take strict and immediate appropriate action regarding unauthorized contact between The Learnatory personnel and clients/customers.  

Parent Observation and Teacher Contact   Parents wishing to sit and observe their child’s working during class may sit at the tables outside the classroom/lab only where the facilities provide such a setting.  Parents are requested to not talk to their child nor the instructors while class is in session.  

Parents are not allowed in the classroom at any time except 10 -20 minutes before and 10 -20 minutes after a class.  If a parent wishes to speak with an instructor, it may only be done during the 10 - 20-minute window.  

Please be advised the teacher can only speak with a parent up to 10-minutes before the start of class in order to properly conduct last minute preparation that may be needed.  

For further discussion, a parent may contact the Executive Director at 347-787-0435 to arrange for an appointment.  

Management of Accounts   The Learnatory reserves the right to suspend and delete user accounts (with or without prior notice) at its discretion if the services are used in a manner that violates applicable laws, applicable university policies, Learnatory's agreements with the service provider, Learnatory's student code of conduct, or rules of the Learnatory program in which a participant is enrolled. The Learnatory may also remove inactive accounts and delete user-created content. The Learnatory will delete accounts for students at the written request of parents withdrawing students from The Learnatory's programs.  

Third-Party Websites  The Learnatory's website, program, and course materials may refer to third-party websites. Staff members review such websites for inappropriate content before referencing them. However, because web content continuously changes and is not controlled by The Learnatory, The Learnatory disclaims responsibility for the content contained on third-party websites. If you become aware of anything that may be inappropriate, please notify The Learnatory staff immediately.  

The Learnatory Tax Exempt Status   The Learnatory is exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

The Learnatory Policy on Eligibility   The Learnatory offers a variety of talent identification and academic enrichment and acceleration programs designed to meet the learning needs of students ages 4 through grade 9. Every program and each course type has eligibility criteria in order to create the best match between an enrolled student and the learning environment. Eligibility can be established using test scores (below-grade level, above-grade level, or grade level, depending on program and course type), a portfolio or previous participation in a Learnatory course with the same qualifying criteria within the last two years.  The Learnatory reserves the right to request additional information beyond the requisite test scores or portfolio requirements to make an admission decision. Final decisions about eligibility and program acceptance are made at the discretion of The Learnatory staff.  

The Learnatory Policy on Program Closings (Weather or Other Emergencies)   The safety of staff and students is of utmost importance and the decision to close a program is not taken lightly. Before deciding to close a program due to extreme weather conditions, health or safety issues, and/or facility emergencies, The Learnatory consults with a variety of experts both inside and outside The Learnatory. Our commitment is to keep families, staff and the community informed of weather-related, health or safety-related and building emergency issues that may force a program closure.  Learnatory program staff will attempt to schedule make-up session(s) (in-person or online) to compensate for the time lost due to a program closing, if feasible based on the program’s structure and location. No refunds or prorated tuition will be granted in the event that a student cannot attend the scheduled make-up session(s). Any additional compensation may be determined on a case-by-case basis. 


The Learnatory Policy on Release of Student Information   To protect the safety and privacy of the students, The Learnatory’s customary practice is not to share information concerning a student with anyone not identified in the student’s application materials as a parent/guardian without written consent.   

Unless required by law, needed for essential services as part of an approved agreement, or authorized by parent(s) or legal guardian(s), The Learnatory does not disclose personally identifiable information about its students to third parties. If The Learnatory receives parental consent, The Learnatory may provide names and addresses of individuals to third parties that have appropriate and relevant programs.  

Information collected may be used for internal research projects and publications.   

The Learnatory Technology Platforms   The Learnatory's agreements with the providers of its main end user technology platforms require compliance with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA.)  

When you register your child for a Learnatory program, you are indicating consent for The Learnatory to make use of these technology platforms in the delivery of programs and services to you and your child.  

When you register your child for a Learnatory program, you are also indicating consent for The Learnatory to allow your child to use other online tools and resources it selects for individual courses and programs within the limits of FERPA, COPPA, other applicable laws, and the Learnatory policies.  

Learning Management System Privacy Policy & Terms of Use   The Learnatory may use learning management systems. The privacy policy and terms of use are available on the pertinent website.  

Google Apps for Education   The Learnatory may use Google Apps for Education in some of its programs to provide opportunities for online collaboration, to provide online storage for student and teacher-created resources, to host and distribute digital media in a secure environment, and to provision Learnatory email accounts. By registering your child for a Learnatory program, you give consent for The Learnatory to create Google Apps for Education accounts for you and your child and give consent to Google to provide the Google Apps for Education service to you and your child in accordance The Learnatory's agreement with Google.  

The Learnatory's administrators have the ability to access, monitor, use, or disclose data available to end users within the end user accounts through the Google Apps for Education administrative console for the purpose of administering The Learnatory's programs, investigating concerns regarding student safety, or complying to requests from law enforcement authorities. Otherwise, The Learnatory will not use or share with third parties any user data in The Learnatory's Google Apps for Education domain without first obtaining additional user consent.  

The Learnatory will make reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorized use of Google services in its domain, and will notify Google of any unauthorized use of, or access to, the Services of which it becomes aware. The Learnatory does not endorse content created by its students or their parents that may be housed or shared via Google Apps for Education.  

Google agrees not to display advertising within The Learnatory's Google Apps for Education domain. For more information about privacy and security in Google Apps for Education, see